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Yoga of Recovery for Counselors Course  (4007)

10/25/2012 6:00 PM - 11/04/2012 2:00 PM

PROGRAM INCLUDES: Hatha Yoga: Course students will practice hatha yoga 2 hours per day, the class will be suitable for all levels. This course does not qualify you as a hatha yoga teacher, it simply brings you to the awareness and experience of its benefits,
within the context of the wider framework of yogic psychology and philosophy and the healing aspects of Ayurveda. Ayurveda workshops: · Causes of disease from the Ayurvedic perspective and its relation to addiction. · Addictive tendencies of each doshic type
and their underlying needs and vulnerabilities. · Likely damage caused and some simple suggestions for balance. · Simple, practical methods to revitalize the body’s systems and boost the immune system such as proper daily and seasonal routines. · How to be
‘established in the self’ – the best way to strengthen ongoing recovery. · Ayurvedic nutrition. · Seasonal and lifestyle suggestions. · Simple yet essential detoxification practices. ·Counseling practices most useful for each type. Tools of Recovery workshops:
Become able to correlate and discuss the many similarities between the foundations of Classical Yoga and those of the 12 Step Programs.

Location: Yogaville

108 Yogaville Way
Buckingham, VA 23921
United States

Sponsoring Organizations: Yoga of Recovery

Type of Event: Health and Wellness

Targeted participants for this year's event: 30

Primary Contact:
Durga Leela
108 Yogaville Way

Buckingham, VA  23291

United States
800) 858-YOGA (9642), Int’l: (434) 969-2048


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