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TAM Lights of Hope

The Addict's Mom Lights of Hope  (11721)

09/01/2014 9:00 PM - 09/01/2014 9:30 PM

Three candles shining in a window, so simple, so beautiful. But on September 1, 2014 a lit candle will not signify anything simple or beautiful. On this night candles will burn bright as Lights of Hope for the 23.5 million Americans addicted to drugs.
It is time for all of us step out of the shadows of shame and stigma, to raise our voices as one by lighting three candles for the end of National Recovery Month. These candles will represent our hope that we can one day end this national epidemic of death
and despair. Join The Addict’s Mom and many other organizations as we light a red candle for those with a current addiction, a white candle for addicts in recovery and a black or silver candle as a memorial to the tragic loss of so many to this epidemic. It
is time to stop blaming the addicts and their families, it is time to stop all finger pointing, it is time to join our voices and look for real solutions. Thank you The Addict’s Mom

Is this event open to the public? Yes

Location: Anywhere and everywhere. By yourself or with some friends. In your home, a park, your church, or organization. Any Street Anytown, National 99999 United States Just light a candle or three. The candles do not have to be any certain type or color, though
many suggestions have been made. Go to for more information and to show your support. Or go to join the movement.

Anytown, National, FL 99999
United States
Anywhere USA. Home, Park, Place of Worship, Community Center, Office..

Sponsoring Organizations: TAM Grieving Moms, TAM Healthy Moms, Faces & Voices of Recovery, Stopp Now with more groups and organizations joining daily.

Type of Event: Celebration

Program Agenda: At 9:00pm Moms and all those whose lives have been touched by addiction will light a candle in support of our addicted loved ones.

Invited Officials / Presenters: Local Leaders, Addiction Representatives, Media Representatives and Testimonials of those whose lives have been affected by addiction.

Targeted participants for this year's event: 20,000

Invited Participants / Audience: All those whose lives have been touched by addiction.

Primary Contact:
The Addict's Mom
4100 NW 10th Ave

Oakland Park, FL  33309

United States
954 309-0992

Secondary Contact:
Rudy Theodosiou


Date of Post: 8/4/2014

News/Media Name: The Addict's Mom Lights of Hope

Press Copy: Press Release DATE: August 4, 2014 CONTACT: BARABARA THEODOSIOU, FOUNDER OF THE ADDICT’S MOM 954-309-0992 Addict's Mom Lights of Hope Event THE ADDICT’S MOM IS PROUD TO SPONSOR
Lights of Hope September 1, 2014 The Addict’s Mom (TAM), an organization dedicated to helping mothers of addicts was founded by a South Florida businesswoman, Barbara Theodosiou. Several years ago, Barbara discovered that two of her four children were addicted
to drugs. Was she was shattered, no, but broken into a million pieces is more like it. Barbara reached out to the community and started the Addict’s Mom. The Addict’s Mom Vision Statement is “Sharing Without Shame.” The mission statement is “In Sharing Without
Shame,” the members of The Addict’s Mom become empowered to create change in today’s society. Too often society has a perception of an addict as someone who has a choice and is weak-willed. The Addict’s Mom provides 24/7 free support, education and resources
to thousands of mothers across the country. Mothers have expressed how much help the Addict’s Moms as provided to them, in fact many of our members have become close friends and confidents. As part of the Addict's Mom response to National Recovery Month occurring
in September, initiated Lights of Hope, but also from demands to take action from their members was increasing. Proclamations for National Recovery Month have been asked and given from mayors, politicians, and civil leaders all over the nation. But more importantly,
this trio has inspired mothers to step out of the darkness of shame and stigma and has also engaged the online addiction community to join in by sharing TAM’s Lights of Hope September 1st, 2014 event by the thousands, with tens of thousands viewing the event.
Online groups and individuals are printing out the flyer and sharing with their communities, coworkers, and friends. The Lights of Hope is such a simple event to join. Wherever you are on the evening of September 1st 2014 you light three candles, each candle
signifying a different aspect of addiction: a red candle for an addict in the throes of addiction, a white candle for a recovering addict, and a black/silver candle in memory of an addict who was lost to this addiction. Many groups and individuals are planning
to meet and join their lights. Lights of Hope is just the beginning. Driven by need, additional addiction support groups have been formed; grandparent to grandparent for those raising grandchildren of addicted parents, The Addict’s Dad, and Dual Diagnosis.
The Addict’s Mom are already preparing for September’s National Recovery Month, where along with proclamations, Lights of Hope, local rallies and a National Rallies will occur. Lights of Hope (Lights of Hope is a recognized by SAMHSA as a nationwide event
for National Recovery Month on their website and is endorsed by numerous groups.

Other Information: Additional Information Organizations such as Drug Facts, NIDA, SAMHSA, WHO report drug addiction is a worldwide epidemic. Here in the US more than 23.5 million or approximately 10% of the population is addicted to drugs. Each year more young adults between
17 and 26 die from drug overdoses than from automobile accidents. Mothers of addicts are on the frontline of addiction, yet they receive little to no support. They often broken, wounded and scarred from the shame and guilt society places upon the families
of addicts and their children’s inability to break away from their addiction. Chaos, secrets, lies, untruths and co-dependence often accompanies addiction. Mothers are put in an unenviable position of either enabling their children in their or putting them
on the street. Please help us to help one another. No addict’s mom, grandparent or family member should feel they are alone. Please assist us get the word out by doing an article, interview story etc. to assist the Addict’s Mom. We are here to help you by
providing genuine, love and support as well as valuable resources, such as low and no cost treatment.


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