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Press Release New Edition of Slaying the Dragon Released

(8/4/2014) Press Release: New Edition of Slaying the Dragon Released

Slaying the Dragon was originally published in 1998 after decades of research on the evolution of addiction treatment and recovery mutual aid movements in the United States. The book received critical acclaim, including the McGovern Foundation award for the best book on addiction recovery, and has since gone through multiple printings. It became a standard text in addiction studies programs and exerting an important influence on the rise of a new recovery advocacy movement in the U.S. This second edition of Slaying the Dragon embellishes an already classic work with a sweeping overview and critique of current approaches to addiction treatment in the U.S. Readers will find the book a helpful resource on the state of modern addiction treatment and the most complete account yet of the rise and maturation of the new recovery advocacy movement and the emergence of an increasingly ecumenical culture of addiction recovery in the U.S.

The Table of Contents and a Sample Chapter have been posted at

Slaying the Dragon Cover Image

Keywords: recovery, community, behavioral health, William White, Slaying the Dragon

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