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Recovery at Any Age: Young People Can and Do Recover

Scientific research has concluded that the human brain is developing until about the age of 25. For young people who experience the disease of addiction before the age of 25, it is critical they receive help early before there are serious, lifelong consequences to their development. This episode will examine environmental and/or biological factors that can lead to addiction, how drugs and alcohol can affect a youth’s development, and the role of modern technology (e.g., social networking, texting) options available to adolescents and young people receiving treatment and recovery services. Some of those services are in-person; others are using new technologies and social networking. This episode will highlight available supports such as recovery high schools and colleges and other educational supports for young people in recovery; and discuss other support networks available such to youth such as family, faith and community to help them live healthy and productive lives in long-term recovery.

Premiered: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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