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Voices for Recovery


Across the country, people in recovery are celebrating their successes and sharing them with others in an effort to educate the public about treatment, how it works, for whom, and why. Because these successes often go unnoticed by the broader population, Voices for Recovery provides a vehicle for people to share their recovery stories.


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In 2013, 44 voices were posted for Recovery Month

Sandy Swenson - Submitted 11/19/2013
My baby grew up to be an addict. I did everything I could to protect Joey from himself until finally I realized it wasn’t him that I was protecting.
Keywords: addiction, family, treatment, support, legal

Deb K. - Submitted 11/12/2013
All those years ago when I was dealing with my husband’s alcoholism, it felt good to find a place where I was accepted and understood.
Keywords: recovery, addiction, support, community, family, Al-Anon

David Whitesock - Submitted 11/7/2013
The journey was difficult, but I am forever grateful for every up and every down of that journey. I am an addiction survivor, and my disease, at the time of this writing, has been in remission for 8 years.
Keywords: alcohol, recovery, addiction, education, legal, law, treatment, support

Bobbi Parish-Logie - Submitted 10/22/2013
As someone who uses and provides mental health services I assure you that acceptance, compassion, and easily accessible, high quality mental health care will reduce the number of unsuccessful and successful suicide attempts our country experiences every year. We must stand up and declare that every life is worth acceptance, compassion and care. And we must not sit down until it is a universal truth.
Keywords: recovery, mental health, suicide, prevention, depression, treatment, education, community, mental illness

Bill Eitel - Submitted 10/16/2013
My life today in recovery is something I only dreamed of in my darker moments. Those days were so dark, so bleak. Today I’m giving back to the souls still trapped in that darkness.
Keywords: recovery, alcoholism, spirituality, treatment, faith, education, family

Daniel LaPointe - Submitted 9/27/2013
The destruction that results from substance use disorder can affect anyone…me…your children…your loved ones. My addiction brought me to institutions, to run-ins with the law, and to near-death experiences. Needless to say, I am fortunate to be here standing before you all today.
Keywords: recovery, education, drugs, treatment, legal, addiction, family, support

Kate - Submitted 9/26/2013
Being able to be in a place in recovery where what I am voicing is actually what I am practicing is very rewarding. I am proud of the work I have made to be able to stand up against eating disorders and to break them rather than defend them.
Keywords: addiction, recovery, eating disorder, family, treatment, support

Jenna Bertino - Submitted 9/24/2013
Recovery has taught me that anything is possible. By doing the next right thing and putting one foot in front of the other, I will cross that finish line. I’ve had people ask me if I regret the past. But I don’t. The experiences I have had have made me the person I am today and I am so proud of the person I have become.
Keywords: recovery, addiction, legal, treatment, education, drugs, alcohol

Meghan Paul - Submitted 9/23/2013
I am so thankful for each day I am sober and I would never take back anything that I have gone through. I am the person I am today because of the things I have gone through. I am not ashamed to say I am in recovery. For life.
Keywords: recovery, addiction, legal, family, treatment, support, education

Meghan - Submitted 9/23/2013
I am now proud of the road I have been on - both the dark days and the brighter days! I believe I am a success story and strive to help others become one, too.
Keywords: recovery, mental illness, family, support, education, treatment

LadyAnn Graham-Gilreath - Submitted 9/5/2013
Yesterday, I was 10 years clean and I wrote a poem for all of the clean-birthdays out there. I hope all of you remember my story from February 22, 2012. You can do it!
Keywords: 10, years, celebration, recovery, clean, sober, prayer

Adele Graham - Submitted 9/5/2013
During my active addiction, I faced serious criminal charges for various felonies. The last time I was arrested, I remember the police officers telling me that I was facing charges on 5 different felonies. I didn't even know with what I was being charged. I just knew that sad, empty, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach told me my days of freedom were about to be severely limited.
Keywords: addiction, recovery, felonies, incarceration, jail, prison, faith

Robert Ashford - Submitted 8/29/2013
My name is Robert Ashford, 25, from Denton, Texas, and I am an alcoholic in long term recovery. Where most people expect on some subconscious (or conscious) level that my story would start out with a trouble childhood, with experiences ranging from law-breaking to abuse, this simply is not the case.
Keywords: alcohol, addiction, young, spiritual, recovery, treatment

Ginger - Submitted 8/27/2013
I love working with other addicts and I appreciate the companies that have hired me with the knowledge that I am in recovery and that I am a convicted felon. There is hope and we do recover.
Keywords: recovery, education, drugs, treatment, legal, prison, jail, addiction

Mike McDonnell - Submitted 8/26/2013
Recovery is a process, a way of living, a new view on life, and a way of approaching the day's challenges. It is not an easy process.
Keywords: recovery, challenge, community, process, support

Melanie Brander - Submitted 8/23/2013
I used to think having a mental illness was a curse. Now I know it is a gift.
Keywords: recovery, mental illness, depression, military, family, support

Robert Hammond - Submitted 7/15/2013
When you’re all alone in the dark you can either close your eyes and go to sleep or look for the light. I hope my story will help others find the light.
Keywords: addiction, drugs, recovery, education, writing, resilience

Almustaphael Al-Kahlil-Bey - Submitted 6/18/2013
My life is a practice of gratitude. I am involved in a system that produces qualified committed counselors who demonstrate personal and professional integrity. I thank God for my recovery.
Keywords: recovery, addiction, legal, family, treatment, faith, spirituality, education

Lisa E. Overton - Submitted 6/18/2013
The strengths I've used in my recovery include courage, compassion, honesty, sincerity, loyalty, faith in a higher power, a sense of humor, and the ability to ask for help when I need it and to give help as well. These strengths have supported my recovery in many ways, including learning how to advocate for myself and others.
Keywords: recovery, mental disorder, substance abuse, military, treatment, addiction, higher power, faith, support

Kevin Hines - Submitted 6/18/2013
My will to live and stay mentally well is supported by my regular participation in cognitive behavioral therapy, a routine sleep cycle, regular physical exercise, and a healthy diet. I hope that my will to live and stay mentally well inspires people to change their lives for the better.
Keywords: mental disorder, mental health, recovery, treatment, drugs, alcohol, medication

Karen - Submitted 6/18/2013
Stopping drug use is the beginning, but staying off is daily work. Recovery has become my most prized possession. I fight the disease of addiction one day at a time.
Keywords: recovery, legal, family, addiction, drugs, treatment, spirituality, faith

Jack McQueen - Submitted 6/18/2013
I know that I have been blessed to remain sober to this day more than 23 years later. To coin an old phrase – my life has changed in oh so many ways.
Keywords: recovery, alcohol, drugs, addiction, sobriety, education, treatment

Dan O’Laughlin - Submitted 6/18/2013
When I could no longer control my drinking, I finally stopped and found a new way of living. My response was to go into a 12-step meeting to figure out how to get back to the good old days.
Keywords: recovery, alcohol, faith, family, treatment, support

Victoria Costello - Submitted 6/18/2013
After nearly losing my son to an illness, I’ve come to believe that those of us who survive such a family history have a special responsibility to break this wall of silence.
Keywords: family, mental illness, mental health, treatment, medication, support

Stanice Anderson - Submitted 6/18/2013
I am a woman blessed with the gift of long-term recovery! The dreams that my addiction stole from me were restored, my passion for life was resurrected, and my purpose redefined.
Keywords: spirituality, faith, family, recovery, addiction, treatment

Jaquese Armstrong - Submitted 6/18/2013
I have been managing my mental illness for more than six years. I give thanks to God and family who have always helped me along the way.
Keywords: mental illness, recovery, family, faith, support, medication

Emily - Submitted 6/18/2013
My life is so incredibly full today. I am eternally grateful for my life today and to share my solution with others who need it!
Keywords: recovery, alcohol, sobriety, treatment, education

Daphne - Submitted 6/18/2013
I couldn’t make it a single day without God’s help. He has brought me to where I am today. He loves me just as I am – and now, I do too.
Keywords: mental health, recovery, treatment, medication, support, community, spirituality

Curtiss Kolodney - Submitted 6/18/2013
Recovery is a gift that I get to open again and again, every day. I am living proof that recovery is possible.
Keywords: recovery, drugs, education, treatment, support

Chris Budnick - Submitted 6/18/2013
As a result of being in recovery, I have a college education and a meaningful career. I have rediscovered lost interests and broadened my experiences, and I am blessed with the support and love of others in recovery, as well as friends and family who support and believe in recovery.
Keywords: recovery, addiction, depression, treatment, support, family

Beth - Submitted 6/18/2013
I am my own, proud woman in recovery for 21 years. I am so very grateful for this precious gift of sobriety.
Keywords: recovery, alcohol, sobriety, spirituality

Peter Gaumond - Submitted 6/18/2013
“Going public” as a person in recovery has allowed me to more authentically embody my passion, has given me a new tool for helping heal the individual, family, and social wounds caused by addiction, and has deepened and broadened my sense of connection to others in recovery and to the broader community.
Keywords: recovery, addiction, community, alcohol, support

Holly - Submitted 6/18/2013
I feel like a success story. Recovery has given me a life I wouldn't have been able to imagine, let alone recognize or articulate. I have serenity, peace, and joy in my life.
Keywords: family, recovery, support, addiction, alcohol

Allen McQuarrie - Submitted 6/17/2013
During my 26 years in long-term recovery, I’ve learned that no one in recovery got here without being coached, mentored, and assisted by peers – before, during, after, or even in the absence of formal treatment.
Keywords: recovery, addiction, support, treatment, community, family

Joyce Whitworth - Submitted 6/6/2013
Since I acknowledged the mental illness in my life, I am aware of my behavior and seeking therapy for continued treatment.
Keywords: recovery, support, mental health, treatment

Sandra Winne - Submitted 6/5/2013
THERE IS HOPE AND THERE IS A FUTURE! Education, support, faith and love will get us there.
Keywords: spiritual, education, mental illness, treatment, addiction, family

Chelsea Kowal - Submitted 5/14/2013
I have been hospitalized 10 times for my mental illnesses. I battle against depression, paranoia and psychosis. But each new day brings with it a promise of opportunity and a chance to make a difference in this world.
Keywords: spiritual, education, mental illness, treatment, resilience

Laura Jones - Submitted 5/10/2013
I found hope in the midnight hour of my life and I’m speaking out so others might know they, too, are not alone. We can fight this and we are winning.
Keywords: addiction, recovery, support, family, education, mental illness, treatment, resilience

Jekeva - Submitted 4/18/2013
Life is looking good for Ryan these days. He is proof that there are many faces of dependency, and each one is capable of attaining sobriety and happiness.
Keywords: recovery, support, drugs, addiction, family

Alisha Moore - Submitted 4/16/2013
After 13 years of recovery, I found that I teach people every day what I needed to learn the most. I live today, Just for today! Loving myself and loving life.
Keywords: recovery, employment, addiction, support, case, specialist, program

Chuck Hughes - Submitted 3/21/2013
After 6 years on and off I finally started feeling like a "normal person" with aspirations and making contributions to society. Yes I still had symptoms, I still do today, but I now have the knowledge and tools to deal with that life brings me.
Keywords: recovery, support, spiritual, mental health, treatment

Lucious Conway - Submitted 3/14/2013
From now on I only want and am willing to have sober, sound, sane people in my life, beginning with me living substance abuse free.
Keywords: drugs, addiction, recovery, spiritual

LadyAnn Graham-Gilreath - Submitted 2/22/2013
Not many of us get a second chance at life or love and I got both. I firmly believe that the Lord is rewarding me for my own dramatic reversal. I am more determined to succeed than ever.
Keywords: drugs, addiction, recovery, spiritual, support, family, education

Laura McAlpine - Submitted 1/14/2013
So much has been happening in my world as of late. It is pretty exciting, I must say but the biggest part of the news is just how far I've come from 5 or 6 years ago when I was an enabling mess. To this day, I continue to ask God to help me work on my own character defects and will till the day I die, I'm sure.
Keywords: recovery, support, spiritual, addiction, family

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