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Voices for Recovery

Bill Giese (03/28/2009)

I'm a Viet Nam Veteran who after 10 years of thinking he was doing fine fell apart, got heavy into all kinds of drugs and drinking until I thought I had lost my mind, after trying to kill myself, by the grace of God who sent a police office to arrest me who happened to also be a Viet Nam veteran, I wound up in treatment, AA, NA, The Vet Center and alot of prayer and help and good sponsers helped my God to help me to work a very sucessful 12 step program, and I got involved in youth ministry and direct a youth workcamp, not everything is perfect, I got hurt on the job and now have to deal with constant pain, and scratching for every dollar for my family as well as the youth workcamp, but we just finished our 16th summer of our workcamp program and on November 22nd I will be clean and sober by the Grace of God for 28 years. I have also been blessed by having a wife who worked my recovery with me she went to Alnon and the Vet Center for a Combat Wives group and November 20th will be 40 years. She has stayed with me even tho I haven't given her that second honeymoon trip to The Big Island, well it still gives us something to dream about
Henrico, Virginia

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