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Erin Bludworth (06/30/2009)

Erin Bludworth Voice

Denver, CO

I am a 35-year-old survivor who has been clean and sober for almost 7 years. My drug of choice was methamphetamine, and I would stop at nothing to get my next hit. I was ill, both mentally and physically, from not eating or caring for myself. In a matter of four years, I lost everything, including my son and my freedom. In 2001, I was arrested and charged with many crimes, all due to my addiction.

In 2002, I was given the gift of being able to enter a long-term treatment facility. I was determined to save my life. I had to learn how to be productive and goal-oriented, how to have a positive self-esteem, and how to fight for my life. They taught me how to be proud of my accomplishments and of who I am. In 2004, I graduated from the program.

Sobriety has brought so much back to me, including my son. I have found a new love for life and others. I now work as a counselor, helping people to overcome and cope with their disease. I enjoy helping others to help themselves. I assist in guiding those who are in the same position I was more than seven years ago.

Sobriety and life are worth fighting for. We just have to be shown the way.

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