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Rob Corie IV (10/03/2009)

I started drugs and drinking at the age of 15 years old.  During my drug use over many years, I keep saying to myself I can quit any time. Many, many years later as my drug use got worse, I got in. This didn’t stop me.  It only made it worse and didn’t slow me down. After a very long term use of drugs, it was no longer to get high and being a social thing. I went private with my drug use and continued to drink and use drugs.  To make a long story short here, I’m 37 years old now and have been sober for one year on Oct. 04, 2009. I currently suffer from bipolar disease, severe insomnia, and have to deal with all the mistakes and trouble I had gotten in the past 20 years of my drug use.  More than ever, I struggle with my disease of drugs. I pray many times a day to ask god for help. I make constant contact with my sponsor and practice a new way of living. And I’ll be real honest with you--there is no cure for our disease that we live with. And believe me, it really is difficult and it isn’t easy to overcome. We just have to be strong and not let this disease of addiction get the best of us. And whatever you have to do fight back because your life is on the line.

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