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Robb Kelly (11/12/2009)

Hello, my name is Robb. I am an alcoholic and addict. Before achieving sobriety, I was a hopeless, chronic alcoholic. I am not sure when I crossed the line from social drinking to alcoholism, I just know I did and my life would never be the same again. I was married with children and a great career, life could not have been better. The only slight problem is that I drank a little too much sometimes, and when I did I lost control. When I enjoyed my drinking I couldn’t control it, and when I controlled my drinking I couldn’t enjoy it. Finally alcoholism gripped me hard and like most people I sank really quickly.

I lost millions of dollars, my business, my home, wife, and children aged 1 & 3 years. I went from a $3million house to homeless and lived on the street, asking for handouts to purchase liquor. While homeless, I was arrested several times, prone to blackouts that lasted for months, and was assaulted physically and sexually. I have had several near brushes with death, including blood loss from injuries during blackouts and an attempted suicide. To this day, I do not know how I was found or survived my suicide attempt. Unlike many suicides, I had given no indication or "cry for help" so great was my despair of my alcoholic and addictive condition I just wanted to die.

After many years I finally found the answer I was looking for, and it had been there all along. Since I have recovered, it has become my life mission to assist other hopeless, chronic alcoholics and addicts and educate all I could on the dangers and warning signs of alcohol and addiction.

That is my purpose and my passion, to educate and assist those with alcohol addiction. I was an alcoholic whose symptoms and not my disease were treated every trip to hospital.

The sad part of my story is that I had to become self-diagnosed before I could seek help, and, as is usually the way with alcoholics, I had to lose everything and everyone before I could see I had a problem. In the meantime, my family and children had become damaged as well. My daughter had several brushes with death after years of acting out her anger and loss, the other daughter was arrested. Both are thankfully doing well now, after a great many trials and a lot of assistance from others.

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease, with serious consequences.  The most final, of course, is death. Unfortunately, the serious disease seems like enjoyment for a great part of the time.  Think of it as a docile tiger, waiting to spring up and devour you.

The saddest thing about alcoholism may be that it not only affects the alcoholics, but those who care about them; breaking up families, causing loss of income and businesses, and interrupting home life, school work, and relationships. Today I am grateful, very grateful indeed.

Robb Kelly

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