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Voices for Recovery

Wolf (02/11/2009)

I was born to an alcoholic father and mother. My grandfather raised me from the age of four months.I began drinking at a young age. I then went on to other drugs but still continued using alcohol. I worked and went all over the USA. I worked as a bounty hunter, pipeliner, union organizer, and collector for drug dealers. I also sold drugs, and body guard for other drug dealers. I continued this lifestyle untill 1996 (30 years). I was soo sick of myself. I ended up on a creekbank east of Tahlequah, Ok. in Jan. I fell to my knees one day and ask GOD to help me. The next day I hiked to town and started my last run/drunk. I was in a motel wanting to hang myself. I was calling people talking jerbish. I called a friend that I went to high School with. He and his wife came and picked me up. His wife was very scared of me. They took me to their house for three days. We were sitting on his couch and he asked,"what do you want?" "Do you want my car and money?" I said I don't know, "Do you know anything about Treatment Centers? My soberiety date is March 1st 96.

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