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Voices for Recovery

Pat Guerin (06/15/2010)

Pat Guerin Voice Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that I have been in recovery for 39 years. For me, long-term recovery means I am free from the obsession of alcohol, that I contribute to the well-being of my family and my community, and that I am self-supporting through my own contributions. My friends and family have regained their trust in me, and we now thoroughly enjoy each others’ company.

I have so much to be grateful for, beginning with the late great Gert Behanna, a woman who published her own recovery story under a pseudonym “Liz Burns.” Her story made it possible for me to admit that I was hopelessly addicted to alcohol, and that a sober life could be a beautiful and rewarding adventure.

I entered recovery through a 12-step program, where I encountered people just like me. I firmly believe that God works through people to carry a message of recovery, and that “gratitude” is an action word. I have been graced with countless opportunities to practice gratitude, resulting in wonderful experiences I could have once only imagined!

My interests have evolved as I grow in recovery. I have always had a special concern for women-specific services, and one day would like to author recovery materials for them. Recently, I am interested in supporting a grassroots movement to restore rights to felons who now embrace long-term recovery and are productive members of society. Presently, I provide peer-to-peer recovery services, serve as an advocate in three drug courts, and actively participate in my church and 12-step programs.

I aspire to remain teachable and keep my recovery “green,” to enjoy life, and to share the joy of recovery with others.

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