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Peter M. Bruno (03/12/2010)

This is my story on how I Achieved Sobriety on my own starting with a Positive Attitude.

I never drank alcohol until I was served a summons at age 19.  I will not go into the reason for the summons, but I can tell you it changed my life for the worse.

I was so upset, I started to drink in hopes that it will ease the pain I was going through.  Little did I know that starting with the Alcohol would in time take me down to Rock Bottom in my life.

The judge ruled the case in my favor after about two years of lawyers, court dates, etc.  I was very happy about that, but was not happy about my Addiction to Alcohol. 

Shortly after that, I met the Love of my Life and got married.  She did not drink, but I continued to do so.  It became worse and that I would head to the bars with the guys after work, come home drunk, and bring them home with me for some more drinking.

My wife could not take it anymore and finally left me.  I promised her if she would come back, I would quit drinking--which she agreed and so did I.

That went great for a while till I got that urge again and started all over.  She hung in there knowing we had a strong marriage except for one thing.  That was my drinking.

I felt very bad and mad at myself that I went back on a promise to my wife.  But my body needed its fuel of alcohol.

I was a functional alcoholic, never missed work or anything like that, and never drank on the job. But when I got home, look out. My wife would always say, "Why is it that everyone at your job gets to see you happy and Sober and when you get home I see someone different?"

Deep down inside me I knew I was heading down the wrong road--the road to self- destruction--but I was not ready to admit that I had a drinking problem.  I hid it from the family the best I could, but they all knew what was up with me and just never said anything.

One day, I sat down and had a talk to myself and said "Is it really worth losing my family, my wife, and my children all because of my Addiction that can be avoided?"

My answer was of course NO, it is not worth it.  At that time I got out of the Denial I was in for so long and finally surrendered to my Demons. 

I made a promise to myself to NEVER ever pick up a bottle again, and I have stuck to my promise.

The life I now have is remarkable and my married life is the same.  I only wish that I would have done it years ago.  But, I was not ready on my own to surrender.  You have to want it so bad that you will do anything to have your Sobriety back into your life.  So glad I did.

If you start out with a Positive Attitude, you will be able to Achieve anything in life, including Sobriety!

I have learned to stay Strong to yourself, Reach for all the Dreams and Goals that you always wanted in life and you Will Win!

God Bless to all.

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