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Raymond Featherstone Jr (01/25/2010)

I was raised in an alcoholic environment and then DSS put me and my siblings into foster care. I have been with my parents since I was 6 years old and now I'm 48 years old. Both my parents are now deceased.  After their death, my siblings took over the responsibility of looking after me still. I had a foster brother and biological brother die. Their death was something I couldn't handle. I shut down and started to self-medicate with alcohol. Over time, I got into trouble with the law (DWIs and not appearing in court). Eventually, I did 62 days in county jail and 62 days in prison. I got out and stayed clean and went to AA. September 15, 1996 was the last day I consumed any mood altering chemicals. I didn't even have my G.E.D. After getting laid off, I went back to school and started to work on my Bachelors degree. I will graduate this December, and then will be working on my Masters degree in Social Work. I will be working in the Substance Abuse field. My life has changed because I turned my life over to God and allowed him to work miracles in my life each and everyday. I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic that is a walking testimony that if you put everything into staying sober as you did into getting drunk--you will regain your life back. I have 14 years of sobriety on September, 18 2010.  The reason my dates are different is because my sponsor had been referred to me and the first day I went to a meeting he wasn't there. The next day he wasn't there, so when I saw him on the 18th of September. I asked him to be my sponsor. He said yes. He is still my sponsor today. I didn't start the program until I had a sponsor, and started to work the steps. One Day at a Time.

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