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Reginald Washington (01/07/2010)

Reginald Washington Voice

Reggie's Story About Addiction and Incarceration

I had been using drugs, heroin—to be exact, since I was 14 years old. I still have the scars from where my father beat me as a reminder of the abuse and pain I once suffered. I lived most of the days in the streets of Washington, D.C., behind the dumpsters. The rest of my time was behind bars. I cheated a man out of his life and destroyed mine, all in the course of one night. My number was up—the number the Corrections Department used to identify me. My charge was murder. I can go on with this story, but it is best told at a different time. Until then, I can honestly say that was who I was and not who I am today. I cannot allow my past to control my life, but only be a part of who I am today. I counsel for the prevention of AIDS and substance abuse and advocate. I was told my life would get better and it has. My choices today are based on good consciousness. I have been in recovery for several years and have just begun to live my life.

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