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Voices for Recovery

Don Rothschild (07/29/2011)

It all started in 1977 when my boss sent me to treatment for my drinking problem. I was a corporate executive with a wonderful wife, two kids, a home, two cars, and a dog. I believed that my life was fantastic.

I went to treatment, but unfortunately didn't stick with the recovery program. I continued down a path of destruction for another decade, in and out of treatment. Finally, while in treatment in 1986 and planning my next drink, I got it!

At age 56, I finished treatment and went to a halfway house in a city where I'd never been in my life. I ate, slept, lived, and breathed a recovery program, and learned that there is no problem in the world so great that a drink wouldn't make it worse.

I started a new life at an age when most retire. It was a struggle because of my age and lack of experience outside my previous industry. But I didn't drink, even when I was laid off from several jobs. I had a strong recovery program, and things that had previously slipped away were restored. I received support from my ex-wife, who always had faith in me. I returned to college at age 59 and found work as an addiction counselor. My driving privileges were returned and through bankruptcy my debt was forgiven.

Today, my wife and I are happily remarried. After starting my own business as a recovery consultant, I've found my niche. Life is better today because I can help people sustain recovery, thus giving me strength to continue on my own journey.

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