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Voices for Recovery

Gene Scates (09/26/2011)

In 2009 I was tired and had no energy.  I went to the doctor who told me my liver was going bad. He said I could live up to 5 years or even longer if I quit drinking and doing drugs. I couldn’t quit. 19 weeks ago I was going to commit suicide. I was tired of living.  Tired of the pain, misery and suffering, but my higher power brought me up out of that horrible pit placed. My feet upon a rock, he put a new song in my heart. I don’t have much money but if i had a million dollars I couldn’t buy the joy and peace my higher power gave me for free.  It didn’t cost me a dime.  All I had to do was ask and believe. I was a liar, cussed all the time, also a thieve stole from my own family to get drugs and alcohol.  If he did it for me he will do it for you. He is no respectable person.  Today I have 103 days without a drug or drink and it is all because my higher power gives me the strength each day.  Don’t tell God how big your mountain is, tell your mountain how big your God is.

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