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Jonnie (09/09/2011)

I didn't understand that my efforts to help my daughter in every way while she was a teenager using drugs was a symptom of a disease. I was addicted to the ADDICT in my life. I spent money, made phone calls to correct problems caused by her irresponsible behavior, and many other things, thinking that I could somehow "cure" her if I found 'the right' thing to do to help her.

I learned in Nar-Anon that by helping her so much, I was actually standing in the way of her "hitting bottom" and choosing recovery. I went to meetings every week and heard others with similar stories share how they "detached with love" and were able to live a better life, whether she was using or not.
I have been attending Nar-Anon for 12 years and today I don't have to try to control someone else's life. I do service and have found many new friends.

My daughter found recovery on her own after 8 years of using. She celebrated 8 years clean and sober on June 6, 2011, shortly before her 29th birthday. She has found great friends, a sponsor, and a fellowship that supports her as she does service to support them. Today we share in Recovery Month, love for programs which have saved our lives.

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