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Voices for Recovery

Steven (09/09/2011)

I know firsthand that recovery is possible. I know this because I have experienced a struggle, then a recovery, and finally success.

My story begins in my freshman year of college when I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Given my condition at the time and the seriousness of the disorder, it did not seem like it was possible to recover or lead a productive life. When I was younger I had ambitious goals, so this diagnosis was devastating.

I was not satisfied with my condition in life. I decided that I had to at least attempt to accomplish all my previous goals. This was the only way that I would be satisfied. The probability of living a successful life seemed low, yet I was determined.

It did not happen overnight, but through many forms of treatment, a supportive family, and vocational and social rehabilitation programs, such as the LightHouse, I started to recover. After five years of living with the condition, I have achieved much. I have a full time job helping others in similar situations reach recovery, I have obtained an education (Bachelor's degree and working towards a Master's), I have friends, and my own home.

I know firsthand that recovery is possible and that there are no limits to what one can achieve.

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