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Mike Wall (07/16/2012)

Mike Wall

I will never forget the chagrin I felt when I first heard someone speak of how grateful they were for their addictive disease. I immediately thought the assertion evidence of a perfect excuse to stay away from crazy support groups and other recovering people. I failed to hear and equate the seeming absurdity with the rich wealth of wholeness and healing that comes with the subsequent recovery! Inside I knew I was very sick but I was determined to protect my right to use drugs and alcohol as a personal testament of the pain I had experienced through childhood. Now 25 years later I am so in tune with that once rebuked attitude of gratitude and I am very thankful for my personal and professional experience with mental, addictive and behavioral health illness and how none of the wonderful recovery based strengths and joy of life would exist without the illness. Getting and living well with a nurtured program of recovery is the greatest part of my autobiography I have to offer. I love passing on the old adage of recovery requiring Honesty, Openness, Patience and Effort to have true HOPE! Thanks for the chance to reach out to others who might still suffer!

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