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Voices for Recovery

Xavier Virsu (05/18/2012)

My battle with addiction was always a matter of me falling down, and then picking myself up again. I tried to quit on my own several times, but it always seemed that I would lose my resolve rather quickly. When my wife found out she was pregnant, I made the decision to seek help because I had failed so many times on my own. This time I was determined not to fail.

Medication-assisted recovery was the best option for me. Methadone helps me not to be sick, and significantly reduces my desire to use opiates. Now in recovery, I am working and at home with my family where I should be, instead of roaming the streets. I have a counselor who understands addiction, and just having someone lend a sympathetic ear takes a load off my shoulders. My counselor educates me on dependency and has helped me to find triggers and identify the situations that led me to use substances. Medication, along with support from my counselor, has helped me to break the cycle of substance use and become closer to my family.

I continue to be committed to recovery because my family is the most important thing in my life. I want to start a new chapter in my life defined by supporting my wife and helping my son grow into adulthood. Medication-assisted recovery has allowed me to go to college and work toward a degree to better support my family. Recovery has given me the chance to accomplish things I never thought were possible.

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