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Chris Budnick (06/18/2013)

Chris Budnick

A friend of mine recently said about recovery, “There is room around the table for everyone.”  In the beginning, I wondered if I belonged at that table.  I was 16 when I was first exposed to recovery and was just shy of my 19th birthday when I ultimately entered my recovery.  In addition to addiction, I struggled with depression, thoughts of suicide, a history of cutting and burning myself, a childhood head injury, and an overwhelming sense of not belonging.

When I entered an inpatient treatment program in 1990, I was confused and scared.  I did not intend, plan, or expect to still be in recovery years later.  However, after I completed inpatient treatment, I found people in recovery who guided me, supported me, and encouraged me.

I am grateful for my family for intervening early and providing support and resources for me to seek help.  Staying in recovery has required continued involvement with peer-based recovery supports, and at times, professional assistance.

As a result of being in recovery, I have a college education and a meaningful career.  I have rediscovered lost interests and broadened my experiences, and I am blessed with the support and love of others in recovery, as well as friends and family who support and believe in recovery.

Today, I belong around the table.

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