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Lucious Conway (03/14/2013)

Lucious Conway

My Story is in my book, "My Daily Alcoholic and Addict P.R.A.H.R. (Prevention, Recovery and Help Ritual) on


“Alcohol, you molested and infected me when I was only seven years old. You made me believe that as long as I had you I didn’t need anyone or anything else. You lied to me! You introduced me to Crack and cajoled me into having a threesome with the two of you.

Crack, you became my other lover and brainwashed me into believing you were the most desirable lover I could, or would ever have. You made me believe it was okay to use people like disposable tissues, including myself. You lied to me! And, I lied to everybody else in addition to myself. All for the two of you. Now it’s truth time.

From now on I only want and am willing to have sober, sound, sane people in my life, beginning with me living substance abuse free. I have also learned that me and my Higher Power are the most desirable lovers I will ever have.

In short, alcohol and crack, I have fallen in love with someone and something else… me and my sobriety.
Seriously, Lucious C”

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