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Organizations and Program Resources

Find a list of organizations and resources on mental health and substance use that can support your Recovery Month events or outreach efforts.

You can use this list of mental and substance use resources during National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) or throughout the year. The resources listed include organizations, programs, initiatives, and online tools that provide mental and/or substance use disorder services or information related to mental and/or substance use disorders.

You can also download the Directory of Single State Substance Abuse Agencies – 2014 (PDF | 505 KB), which is a list of state offices that provide local information and guidance about substance use and/or mental disorders.

The 12-24 Club is a community resource built around recovery. It strives to provide a safe, anonymous environment to groups and individuals seeking recovery, with an attitude of fellowship.

500 South Wolcott Street, Suite 200
Casper, Wyoming  82601

16 Steps of Discovery and Empowerment offers support for a wide variety of quality of life issues, such as addiction, codependency, abuse, and empowerment. The program focuses on a positive approach to help members celebrate personal strengths, stand up for themselves, heal physically, express love, and see themselves as part of the entire community, not just the recovery community.

P.O. Box 1302
Lolo, Montana  59847

Healthy lifestyle education and activities for youth are presented through a program managed nationally by the families, 4-H, and Education and Extension Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

7100 Connecticut Avenue
Chevy Chase, Maryland  20815

A New Path works to reduce the prejudice and discrimination associated with substance use disorders through education and compassionate support. It also recommends therapeutic rather than punitive drug policies.

P.O. Box 3644 #264
Rancho Santa Fe, California  92067

A Safe Haven Foundation supports an individual as he or she enters into and sustains long-term recovery from substance use. It works with each person to develop a personal “Continuum of Housing and Care.”

2750 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago, Illinois  60608

About Recovery offers recovery resources and provides a national helpline that is available 24 hours a day.


Abraham Low Self-Help System meeting groups are safe places to talk about life’s struggles with others who have experienced similar struggles in their lives.

105 West Adams Street, Suite 2940
Chicago, Illinois  60603

The College for Behavioral Health Leadership (ACMHA) is a forum to exchange new policy ideas that improve the lives of people with mental and/or substance use disorders, and the systems that provide treatment and prevention services.

7804 Loma del Norte Road NE
Albuquerque, Alabama  87109

Addiction Survivors is dedicated to providing online peer support communities for people dependent on drugs or alcohol, and their families, and friends.

School of Nursing & Health Studies

To advance public health and wellness, the ATTC Network accelerates lasting change in behavioral health care systems by translating, disseminating, and promoting the adoption and implementation of effective and culturally sensitive clinical practices. You can find a list of ATTC Regional Centers, the states they serve, and contact information on the ATTC Network website.

2464 Charlotte Street
Kansas City, Missouri  64108


Last Updated: 10/30/2015