Livin' The Dream

Honesty L.

I am a proud person in long-term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder and what that means to me is I have been drug free for 9 years. I started using drugs at age 12, found heroin at age 17, and my life started to go downhill. Nothing was important to me but using drugs. During this whirlwind I became pregnant and that didn’t stop me from using either. I had been in and out of treatment for years until I finally threw my hands up and gave myself to recovery. The McShin Foundation took me in with no money and showed me how to live.

After leaving the program I started working at McShin giving hope to the participants like it was given to me. Today I am named CEO of McShin and I am surrounded by recovery and I love every bit of it. I came into recovery with nothing but about $40,000 in debt, emotional wreckage, and unable to be a mother to my daughter. The negative public outlook that comes with addiction kept me away from real recovery for a long time.

Recovery has changed my life around completely. I am now a mommy, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and home owner that can look in the mirror and be happy at what she sees. To have inner peace and acceptance of who I am is satisfying to me. I am fortunate to work around new people in recovery daily. It is truly a calling for me and I am very passionate about this career. I share with those new to recovery to just hold on, don’t use no matter what, and love themselves. I am able to not only be in recovery, but advocate for those that have no clue what recovery is that need it. It is my personal mission to be a face, voice, and light of hope for recovery every day I am on this earth. What I have discovered from this journey of recovery is how to trust in my God, love myself and others, and be present in the moment.

Last Updated: 04/25/2017