Stephen: Celebrating 4 Years of Recovery From Methamphetamines

A man shares his story of recovering from methamphetamine use and writing a book to help educate others about the dangers of the drug.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who posts their stories and experiences with meth. Even though meth addiction was a long and painful ordeal for me, I’ll be brief in summarizing my experience here. I was as deep into meth as anyone could possibly be for about three years. I lost everything (family, friends, jobs, financial assets, all of my possessions, my dignity and self-respect), and ended up doing almost four years in jail and prison.

The great news is that I finally beat it, and have been 100% clean and sober for more than four years now. My main point is there’s always hope; you should never give up on yourself. You can beat it too.

I’ve written a book titled Paranoia: A Meth Memoir about my time as a meth addict, and about my path in recovery. Please follow me on Twitter @MucciStephen or Facebook (Stephen Mucci), where I will share more about my story and my memoir. I believe it’s a must read for anyone who is even thinking about using meth, anyone currently experimenting with meth, or anyone now fully addicted to meth (and their families).

I sincerely wish the very best to everybody out there who wants to improve their lives, to free themselves from this horrible drug, to sustain the positive changes they’ve made, and to help others still trapped in the nightmare.

Last Updated: 12/22/2015