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Read Personal Stories

Review the personal stories of people recovering from mental and/or substance use disorders.

These personal stories share strategies individuals have used to overcome obstacles and achieve success with their recovery efforts.

"I am happy to say, I can smile and truly be happy and SOBER. There are times when it gets hard but, I wake up everyday alive and clean."
"Caring for others has become a way of caring for myself. "
"I have learned love, patience, and how to tolerate just about anything life has to throw at me."
"I had made it through that mental anguish and planted my roots in recovery."
"That is when I came to the understanding that there was hope in recovery."
"I am indebted to my wife for all she has done to help me with my alcoholism, drug addiction, and my mental illness."
"I am so grateful for the events in my life, and the people who have been here for me along the way."
“My first year of my recovery was like walking out of a black and white movie and into a Technicolor sphere of possibilities.”
“If what was once a comfort to you is now destroying you, know that you are not alone.”
“Recovery has given me a life I could have never imagined.”


Last Updated: 02/27/2015