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Read Personal Stories

Review the personal stories of people recovering from mental and/or substance use disorders.

These personal stories share strategies individuals have used to overcome obstacles and achieve success with their recovery efforts.

“I truly believe that nothing I have accomplished would have been possible if I was not a person in recovery.”
"I reached a turning point with humility, humbleness, and devotion."
"While in the act of my addiction, I told myself I was not hurting no one but myself—I was in denial."
"What I know is this. I had to find something beautiful in this life & hang on for all I was worth."
"I live the truth, for God, my family, and for other addicts I am their hope."
"There is nothing more rewarding than hearing the words of encouragement and support from the people in your life about how you turned your life around and that they want nothing but the best for you and your future."
"I am happy to say, I can smile and truly be happy and SOBER. There are times when it gets hard but, I wake up everyday alive and clean."


Last Updated: 02/27/2015