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Planning Partners

The Planning Partners help promote and plan Recovery Month, disseminate materials, and sponsor events across the country.

The Planning Partners are involved in planning National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) activities in conjunction with the SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and with support from the SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services.

Currently, the Planning Partners are comprised of more than 300 federal, state, and local government entities, as well as nonprofit organizations and associations affiliated with prevention, treatment, and recovery of mental and/or substance use disorders.

You are encouraged to involve the national organizations and local affiliates or chapters in your state and ask them to collaborate with your organization on Recovery Month planning. You can find local affiliates or chapters by contacting the national organizations directly.

You can also download the Directory of Single State Substance Abuse Agencies – 2016 (PDF | 191 KB), which is a list of state offices that provide local information and guidance about substance use and/or mental disorders.

Additional Planning Partner Resources

The National Council for Behavioral Health is the national association of community providers that care for more than eight million adults and children across the country who suffer from mental illness, development disabilities, and substance use disorders. Its members employ more than 750,000 staff and provide mental and substance use disorder treatment, rehabilitation, housing, and community support services.

1400 K Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, District of Columbia  20005
United States

The National Council  on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - Greater Detroit Area (NCADD-GDA) provides effective alcohol and drug misuse intervention, prevention, and treatment services to children and adults with substance use disorders in the Detroit area.

2400 East McNichols
Detroit, Michigan  48212
United States

Founded in 1944, this voluntary health organization and its National Network of Affiliates are dedicated to fighting alcohol and drug dependence, and the devastating consequences of alcohol and other drugs on individuals, families, and communities. NCADD focuses on increasing public awareness and understanding of the diseases of alcohol and drug dependence through education, prevention, information and referral, intervention, treatment services, advocacy, and recovery support services. It has helped millions of individuals and family members into recovery.

217 Broadway, Suite 712
New York, New York  10007
United States
800-NCA-CALL (Hope Line) (622-2255)

The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE), a multi-disciplinary coalition, works together to stimulate and improve the communication about safe and appropriate medicine use to consumers and health care professionals.

200-A Monroe Street, Suite 212
Rockville, Maryland  20850
United States

The National Drug Court Institute (NDCI) promotes education, research, and scholarship for drug court and other court-based intervention programs.

1029 North Royal Street, Suite 201
Alexandria,   22314
United States

The National Governors Association (NGA), a bipartisan nonprofit association, represents the collective voice of the nation's governors. Its mission is to help shape and implement national policy and help governors and their policy staff develop and implement innovative solutions to the challenges facing their states.

444 North Capitol Street, Suite 267
Washington, District of Columbia  20001
United States

The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition (NIPC), a public-private effort, promotes awareness and recognition of the under-publicized problem of inhalant use. The coalition serves as an inhalant referral and information clearinghouse, stimulates media coverage about inhalant issues, develops informational materials and a newsletter, provides training and technical assistance, and leads a week-long national grassroots education and awareness campaign.

318 Lindsay Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee  37403
United States

The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) provides education and awareness about the prevention of birth defects caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

1200 Eton Court NW, Third Floor
Washington, District of Columbia  20007
United States
University of Wisconsin-Stout

The National Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network (NRADAN), a private, nonprofit foundation, promotes networking between rural programs and professionals along with providing liaisaons to key federal and state government agencies and private resources.

221 10th Avenue E
Menomonie, Wisconsin  54751
United States

The National Safety Council (NSC) is a nonprofit public service organization dedicated to educating and influencing people to prevent accidental injuries and deaths.

1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 200
Washington, District of Columbia  20036
United States


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