Awareness Raising

National Women’s Health Resource Center (NWHRC)

The National Women's Health Resource Center, which is dedicated to helping women make informed decisions about their health, encourages women to embrace healthy lifestyles to promote well-being and prevent disease. The center's website offers an extensive alphabetical listing of health topics – such as HIV/AIDS, substance use, smoking, and violence against women – that provide science-based information on their topics. Each section includes a link to the source reference documents used for developing the topic materials.

New England Institute of Addiction Studies (NEIAS)

The New England Institute of Addiction Studies is dedicated to the education of professionals, volunteers, and the general public concerning alcohol and drug prevention and treatment issues. The Institute offers yearly intensive continuing education events supporting workforce development and skill building of the professionals and volunteers who provide services for substance use prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery organizations.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH)

The Office of Consumer Affairs responds directly to the needs of New York consumers in three distinct diability areas: mental health, mental retardation/developmental disabilities, and chemical dependency. The office has a dual mission: to ensure that consumer voices and perspectives are heard and integrated at all levels, and to empower consumers through education and exposure to resources.

Ohio Citizen Advocates for Chemical Dependency Prevention and Treatment

The Ohio Citizen Advocates for Chemical Dependency Prevention and Treatment eliminates the discrimination associated with alcohol and other drug dependency by educating the public that alcohol and other drug dependecy is a preventable, treatable medical illness; reducing barriers to treatment; and advocating for a system of care that supports a continuum of effective alcohol and other drug services.


Open Minds, Open Doors is aimed at ending discrimination against people with mental illness and is coordinated by the Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania. The campaign is centered on educating the public about mental illness and the legal rights of people living with a mental illness.


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