Mental Illness


VOCAL focuses on creating broad-scale social change, as well as change in the lives of individuals. They work to transform the mental health system, and create alternatives to the system, by promoting mental health recovery, self-determination, and peer leadership.

Project ABLE (A Better Life Experience)

Project ABLE provides peer services and support to people with mental health and co-occurring issues, helping them come out of isolation and reconnect to the community. Project ABLE provides a path to live healthfully and experience a normal life again without judgement in a safe environment. These services embrace human dignity, expand the capacity for individuals to recover, and promote life-long empowerment.

Personal Empowerment Recovery Coalition (PERC)

The Personal Empowerment Recovery Coalition is a statewide, peer-run organization that exists to advocate for the empowerment of people with lived experiences of behavioral health challenges, trauma, or extreme states. It promotes transformation of behavioral health care to be compassionate, trauma-informed, person-centered, and strength-based, and educates policy makers, behavioral health consumers, and the general public in Arkansas to eliminate discrimination and demonstrate that recovery is possible.


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