Peer/Mutual Support Groups

Intervention 911

Intervention 911 works with families nationwide to bring loved ones suffering from chemical dependencies to treatment. The organization also gives family and friends the tools they need to heal during the recovery process.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers

Lawyers Helping Lawyers provides confidential, nondisciplinary help for lawyers, judges, law students, and their family members with mental and/or substance use disorders. Assistance may take many forms, such as assessment, professional consultation, information about and referral to treatment resources, informal and formal interventions, and monitoring.

Lifehouse Recovery Connection

The Lifehouse Recovery Connection exists to serve the Recovery Community. It offers training and certification to those seeking to utilize peer-to-peer coaching and sober lodging to those in recovery. It also facilitates pathways to recovery by support services as a recognized recovery community organization.


LifeRing, an international nonprofit organization, offers sober, secular self-help. Members rely on the strength of each individual and the influence of sober conversation to sbstain from alcohol and drugs. This organization brings people together via face-to-face and online support groups, and provides sobriety tools through original books, publications, and interactive online resources.


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