Treatment and Recovery Support Services

These organizations include peer-to-peer organizations, mutual support groups, and counseling services that offer support to individuals recovering from mental and substance use disorders.

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency and other programs, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church operates youth camps, community service projects, family life counseling, and health and temperance programs, which include substance use disorder prevention/treatment and recovery options as a continuum. is dedicated to fighting the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions by providing education, information, help and hope to the public. It is a resource for addicts, their families, and loved ones to go to in order to find the best treatment and care and the best financial and clinical fit available anywhere.


SoberHood’s mission is to reduce the high cost of chemical dependency while improving the health and wellness of communities and lives, via recovery, awareness, and community.


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