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March 2015 Television Episode: Kick-off Show

Experience the many successes of the 2014 Recovery Month campaign and see what’s in store for the 2015 campaign.

March 2016 Trailer: Kickoff Show

This episode highlights the 2015 Recovery Month campaign’s many accomplishments and looks forward to a successful 2016 Recovery Month.

September 2014 Television Episode: Using New Technologies To Expand Treatment and Recovery Services

Discover some of the new technologies that support behavioral health treatment and recovery, such as social media and smartphone apps.

March 2016: Kickoff Show

The theme of 2016’s National Recovery Month, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!” is illustrated with personal stories and scenes from nationwide events.

April 2018 Trailer: Treatment 101: Finding Effective Care Video
August 2014 Television Episode: Supporting Recovery With Safe, Sober, and Peer-Oriented Housing

Find out why recovery housing is becoming a popular treatment for substance use disorders.

May 2018 Trailer: Developing a Sense of Purpose in Support of Recovery Video
July 2014 Television Episode: Growing Up With Addiction and/or Mental Health Disorders - Prevention by Targeting Troubled Families

See why early intervention is necessary to help children who have parents with mental and/or substance use disorders.

November 2015 Television Episode: The Road to Recovery 2015: Showcases of Events

This episode features footage, photos, and interviews of participants from nationwide events as individuals, families, and entire communities celebrate Recovery Month.

May 2018: Developing a Sense of Purpose in Support of Recovery Video